About Quick Fast Hurry 
Welcome to Quick, Fast, & in a Hurry with Seth and Shawn also known as Quick Fast Hurry or QFH for short.

The whole mantra of Quick Fast Hurry stems from our overall business model. 

Seth and I simply do not do anything slow.

 Our Amazon and other online e-commerce businesses thrive on action.

What is action? Action is the process or state of acting or being active

In layman's terms, it’s getting shit done NOW, not later after a bunch of procrastination often disguised as “analysis”

We have kicked off QFH in order to provide valuable and timely information that is relevant NOW for Amazon sellers and other e-commerce sellers.

What good is information once it’s no longer relevant or if everyone knows about it already?

Although we do maintain a paid membership site called “Quick Fast Hurry Insiders Roundtable” that is available by invitation only (to be one, ask one) we do often host live and free webinars mostly in a Q&A format for everyone.

To join our mailing list and be informed of upcoming free webinar events, simple click on “join our mailing list” at the bottom of this page.

Fair warning: You may feel like a neglected stepchild or even left out because the truth is…


So don’t expect to hear from us unless we have something very important to share with you.

Now a little background..

Seth and I decided to join forces after a very quick courtship over a few cups of coffee.

I was selling on Amazon using the retail arbitrage model and Seth was trying to escape the corporate rat race…

We launched our Amazon based business in January 2014 and realized double digit growth month over month for about 6 months.

Jan - $15,000
Feb - $22,000
Mar - $40,000
Apr - $75,000
May - $115,000
Jun - $150,000
July - $175,000 (intro to private label)
And so on…

We were doing $450K per month by the end of our first year finishing at just over 2.5M in 2014

2015 was over 10M but we finally hit the 1M per month mark in 2015 with an average net/net profit of 15%...

Now this year 2016 we have seen 100% growth and should finish close to $20,000,000 in sales easily…

What we have learned along this journey is invaluable and contains a very very long list of what NOT TO DO as well as best practices.

Almost nobody likes to share their best business practices over fear of breeding competition. Well I don't agree with this scarcity mentality…

In fact, I think there is more than enough for everyone!

Early on we started sharing the Amazon opportunity with everyone we had known and cared about and even people we had just met!

The problem was that everybody was at a very different level in their business and that caused us to spend a lot of one on one time going over the exact same materials each time..

I was pulling my hair out!

We moved the free training online to a “webinar” format via Google Hangouts and…

It resulted in a lot of people getting ahead very quickly on Amazon and making a ton of money but…

It still required way too much time on my part and our core business was beginning to suffer from it.

So… we pulled the plug on the Google Hangouts and decided to just focus on our Amazon business.

Well, during the past few months we have met and networked with dozens of very effective and successful e-commerce sellers and…

To be honest we have learned some awesome strategies and shared some of our own.

The truth is, we love to share and are giddy about the opportunity to help others reach their individual goals. 

Let’s face it… it just feels good to help others and especially when they share the awesome results!

Ok, so what’s this have to do with you, here and now?


Some time about early August this year Seth (aka Sasquatch) convinced me that if we could create a small intimate group of sellers to share our successful business and marketing strategies and tons of valuable content with then we can keep it at a minimum time commitment and also learn from the group while creating a learning environment.

Well as much as I hate to admit it...he was 100% right.

We created QuickFastHurry.com as an open Q&A webinar once a month to give folks an inside look into our business and answer specific questions about their business.

We also maintain a very small members only group of motivated sellers who meet us online twice a month for an “under the hood” look into our 8 figure Amazon business.

Although the initial members of QFH Insiders Roundtable known as the “charter members” began as 10 (that was the limit of inductees), we have been bombarded with requests to join the Quick Fast Hurry Insiders Roundtable since our first meeting.

The bad news..

Since we recently opened up QFH to add an additional 5 members, we filled the spots very very quickly.

Don’t worry though, we still do free webinars for non-members, but they are mainly Q&A and do not provide details about our business specifically. 

To get on our email list and be notified of these free webinars just sign up to our list at the bottom of this page.

What do our members get access to?

First of all, its what we do to launch product after product for win after win in Quick Fast Hurry style

The 6 “L’s”

Locate great product opportunities
Launch our products systematically
Look at results to manage for profits
Load up on inventory
Lay back and collect cash
Lather, rinse, and repeat (over and over)

What we promise for our members

Twice a month, you get Access to Shawn and Seth via members only webinar and access to the recordings
Shortcut the system to launch the QFH way over and over using our methods
Access to the members only area of the website for SOPs, video tutorials, templates, and checklists
Learn from our mistakes 
Tap into our experience during private 2 on 1 meetings
Up to date relevant and timely information NOT outdated BS that everyone knows
Use of the hard earned data from our split testing to gain advantage
A first hand look “under the hood” of our business - no one has ever seen before 
100% discretion regarding your business and our private discussions
You get to put us in the driver’s seat of your business
Help managing your sponsored ad campaigns
Specific details about how we gain an unfair advantage (not black hat) over our competition using our proprietary systems
 Access to our network of sellers for potential joint ventures (matching service)
Specific solutions for YOUR business and current set of challenges
List of action items specific to your business and needs
Access to our special media brokers
Introduction to our US customs broker 
Copywriting experience
Access to our massive email promotions list that is segmented by category of interest
Product sourcing assistance by Shawn
Product launch done for you using our list of proven buyers
Exclusive private invitations to trade events that Shawn attends (Domestic and Abroad)
One on one consulting for prepping your business for sale
Access to our business broker network (when the time comes to sell your biz) 
Access to all past, present, and future training sessions (over 80 videos, hours of content)
Learn how we “Manage for Profit” to maintain our growth
Invitation to our private mastermind networking event on a private island in Florida accessible only by boat
Optional ongoing 2on1 private coaching sessions with Shawn and Seth
Listen in on phone calls with our personal Amazon insider (a secret employee of Amazon in Seattle that answers our questions live)

Now you can understand why this group has to stay small right?

Seth and I do all this personally and refuse to farm it out to some virtual assistant full of canned responses.

We cannot be syndicated like Howard Stern or the Blue Man Group…


This is NOT for everyone

If this investment hurts your business growth, then please don't do it right now.

You should have a reasonably successful business already because It’s impossible to multiply zeros! 0X0 equals what???

But if you are ready right now then…ask one to be one.

Oh yeah, membership comes at a small monthly investment of just $400 per month with a one-time initiation fee of $2000, and can be cancelled at any time.

To your success,

Seth and Shawn

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